Humming Lake Studio News

Hello all!

For those of you who've been waiting patiently for me to update my
webpage, your vigil has paid off! It is now March 2016, another year
of amazing possibilities. May the best ones rain down on you. It was
a fun year at Humming Lake and this one looks to be even more
funner or funly. Much like last year, this year seems to be a real soul
searcher. I can't say exactly why, but it seems it's like soul priorities
are just pushing themselves to the fore in my life.  It's meant I've got to
run in the woods with Max more. As a matter of fact I just got back
from a (should be!)snowy (not!) skimobile trail run just before this
update. OK here's the studio skinny!

Mark Dix has been bringing his new CD into the barn. Many of you
may know him for the band Whose Muddy Shoes. He's quite a
prolific songwriter and singer in his own right, and has one solo CD
out already under his belt. The songs are well written and well
executed... and a great guitar player to boot! We're done putting
instruments on his songs and are tracking final vocals, backup
\vocals, and doing some final edits.

Brining a new (2nd) project to the studio is Mark Heiman. Mark has
been playing around for years, and after putting out his fine first CD
"Good Da Journey's End", decided it was time for number 2. Mark is
another "pay attention to the details" songwriter, and I'm looking
forward to watching this new one grow!

As always, there are new people coming in  so stay tuned to the end
of Spring and into the Summer of Grand Possibilities in 2016. I
promise you this will be another great year of change.  I'd love to hear
about your experiences. Write me...often!

There have been a few artists who have released or are about to
release their new CDs and should be mentioned (with links) here in
particular order:

Darlene Bailey

Betsi Mandrioli

Tom Smith

Dan and Faith Senie

The Salty Dawgs (John Fitzsimmons, Hatrack Gallagher and me)

Gerry Ryan

Margaret Sargent

Jon McAuliffe

Jenni Brooks

Peg Espinola

Licia Sky

Steve Gretz and Leslie Lee

Bye for now and stay tuned for the next exciting episode of The Lone
Producer!!! Hi Ho Maximus ...Away!!!!

In addition to these current artists, here are some of the past  
Humming Lake Recording Studio Artists.

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Humming Lake Studio